In the English Public house tradition, this house was home to the proprietors, Jim and Judy Evans, and their family for several years. Public houses are homes to which the public is invited to drink, dine and otherwise find community.

Sunday Roast

Like many pubs in the UK we have a Sunday menu that features a Sunday roast. The Sunday roast is a traditional main meal served on Sundays consisting of roasted meat, roasted or mashed potato together with accompaniments, such as steamed vegetables and gravy.

There are (at least) two opinions on the origins of the Sunday Roast. One holds that, during the industrial revolution, Yorkshire families left a cut of meat in the oven before going to church on a Sunday morning, which was then ready to eat by the time they arrived home at lunchtime. The second opinion holds that the Sunday Roast dates back to medieval times, when the village serfs served the squire for six days a week. Then on the Sunday, after the morning church service, serfs would assemble in a field and practice their battle techniques and were rewarded with a feast of oxen roasted on a spit.


Honest Pint Project Pay for a pint. Get a pint. The Pub & Pegasus Coffee House have received ‘Honest Pint’ Certification! The Honest Pint Project is an effort to bring transparency to glassware volumes by promoting

the use of glassware that ensures a patron receives at least 16 fluid ounces of beer when a pint is poured. While not against the law and without uniform standards that enforce a uniform measure, the result is a market in which some pubs serve beer in 20-ounce imperial pints while others use glassware as small as 14 ounces — all called ‘pints’. Unwittingly one can pay a premium for beer served in smaller than advertised glass. But, not here.

The Grow Family Homestead
Still stands today as home to Harbour Public House

Ambrose Grow and his wife, Amanda, and their family came to Eagle Harbor in 1881. He was a Civil War veteran and came because of the descriptive letters he had read in the New York and Kansas papers telling of the virtues of Bainbridge Island. Selling his large farm in Manhattan, Kansas, he homesteaded 160 acres here along the waterfront. In addition to being a charter member of the Eagle Harbor Congregational Church and the Madrone Schools, he was a prolific correspondent to the happenings in Eagle Harbor and environs.  The Grow Family Homestead still stands today as home to Harbour Public House.


Expert's Choice Award

Expert's Choice Award
Less than 2% of all Restaurants
worldwide receive this award!

Friday Slurpy Hour

During Oyster season, from October to April and sometimes longer, join the Pub from 4-7PM on most Friday nights where we'll be knocking back fresh shucked oysters at the bar. Featuring farmed oysters from Bainbridge Island's Port Madison Shellfish Farm (PSRF) and Baywater Shellfish, from Hood Canal, you can chow down on the merroir of our own Salish Sea.

Usually harvested the day of, the little bivalves are shucked to
order and super briny.

Come join the fun!
Fridays from 4-7 PM,
$1 each while supplies last.


Now Serving All Ages


Wednesday - Friday
4 - 10 pm

Noon - 10 pm

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updates to our hours and
dine-in opportunities



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